Welcome to Dogs Exclusive

Passionate about dogs!

All of us here at Dogs Exclusive are passionate about each and every dog that passes through our doors. We hope that you enjoy discovering more about us in this website. We our proud of our facilities and services that we offer.  There are plenty of cuddles available too as being a multiple dog owner ourselves this service is very important to us!


Hello Everyone!

My name is Jackie.

Since I can remember I have been passionate about dogs. My goal was to always to have a job where I was caring for animals in some way, but I never dreamt I could create a successful business like Dogs Exclusive, that I love so much.

When I started Dogs Exclusive with my husband in 2008 we were just looking after friends and family’s dogs when they went away. I soon realised that I had the passion and determination and more importantly the love of dogs and everything about them, to make a business out of it. We also have the perfect premises with land and all the aspects of what I would want if I was to leave my dogs with somebody when I went away.

Through the years Dogs Exclusive has evolved and changed. I am a qualified dog groomer and also trained to be an IMDT (institute of modern dog trainers) dog trainer which I love. Ultimately I couldn’t do it without my team, Mark is my backbone, support and Trina and Margot couldn’t be better girls to have working with us as they share our passion to make this business as successful as it is . You can find out more about the whole team here.

We’d love you to discover more about the wide range of services we offer

Our Services

Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare allows your dog to have a fun filled day, doing what it loves to do best. Playing, socialising, running and relaxing with their friends in our large secure paddocks.

Luxury Boarding

We pride ourselves on our luxury home boarding service where your dog will live with us in our home and have have 21 acres of secure paddocks to enjoy with other dogs lead free!

Dog & Cat Grooming

Grooming your dog is a necessity in your dogs life to maintain your dogs health and happiness.  We provide a professional grooming service for any breed and size of dog.

Dog Training

We provide all aspects of training from basic obedience to more complicated issues like aggression, separation anxiety, confidence issues and livestock desensitisation.